Memories of Blood

Week One - Sixth Day

On 6th day the professional and merchant classes attend the games. The games on 6th day have the teams of noble owned gladiators facing off against the arena’s gladiator stable – mostly untrained soldiers with numbers alone helping against their elite foes. Sometimes exotic monsters are brought out, but more rarely then on the other days.

On their second day as a team, Vexen’s gladiators must deal with a new ally.

Week One - Fifth Day
Noble Games

In Bael Alcazar, the gladitorial games are run on the 5th, 6th, and 7th days of the week. On 5th day, the nobles and wealthy elite attend the games. On this day, teams of gladiators battle each other in elaborate games for the glory of their highborn owners, with the winners facing off against against the most impressive and exotic monsters the arena has to offer.

In their first day as a team, Vexen’s gladiators met their new owner, and fought for their lives against rival noble teams hideous beasts – including a deadly zombie hulk from the Black Sand Desert far to the south.

After proving their worth, they won the right to challenge the current Arena Champion in an elaborate game featuring a bound brown dragon with amputated wings.


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