Tistevarius il Turath

Tristevarius il' Turath, Chosen of Asmodeus and Emperor of Bael Turath


Son of the first emperor of Bael Turath, Tristevarius is the most powerful individual in the empire. He is said to have signed his personal contract with Asmodeus in his father’s blood. Rumored to be a Warlock of immense power, with a legion of devils at his command. They say he is 12 feet tall, with massive wings, and horns and talons of pure gold. He holds court in Bael Turath from his obsidian throne carved in hell itself, and drinks blood from the skulls of those who once opposed him. Those who meet his gaze turn to stone, and his raised voice can shatter marble.

At least, that’s what’s said.


Tistevarius il Turath

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