Vormag il'Kathikus

Presiding Noble


Vormag Il’ Kathikus is a fat, second generation Tiefling noble, the second son of the infamous High Commander Kathikus, once one of nine lord generals of the Bael Turathii army.

Vormag presides over the Alcizarian Arena, running the games. As a presiding official, he does not own any of the Gladiator’s that fight in Bael Alcizar, he only manages the ‘house stable’, Gladiators technically owned by the Emperor. Though he is supposed to be impartial, his corrupt involvement in the gambling scene is Bael Alcizar’s most poorly kept secret.

Vormag is tall and fat, with a dark, indogo hide and pronounced hornes and facial ridges. His tail is thick and heavy, and his nails long and filed into elegent talons. He wears fine clothing died purple and red, adorned with gold threadwork, and is constantly attended by cloaked and veiled Bael Turathii guards.


Vormag il'Kathikus

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