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Bael Alkizar: an outlying city of the Turathii empire, where the campaign begins. Brought into the empire in the last decade, the City’s leadership have embraced their new masters, rather then wage a hopeless war against the infernal legions of Bael Turath. It was here that the PCs were first purchased by Vexen, a minor tiefling noble intent on using their success in the games to gain status and recognition.

Bael Castellus: A larger city closer to the center of the Empire. Following the Great Collapse, Castle Shale was built on the edge of the Shale Gorge a great chasm that formed over an underground river stretching across the land. The shale gorge formed a link between the surface and the underdark, and at Castle Shale human and dwarf communities formed came together to stand against the dangers of the ravaged landscape. A generation later, the imperial ambition of nearby Bael Turath brought the Castellan alliance of dwarves and men to an end. During the Turathii seige, the leaders of the human population betrayed their dwarven allies, opening the city to the Turathii armies and summoning devils within the city itself. The dwarves and Muls (hybrids of human and dwarf) were slain and cast into the Shale gorge.

Years later, Bael Castellus was also the location of the Turathii victory over the Goblinoid Kingdom of Khadivan, where the Tieflings managed to turn the Hobgoblin’s allies among the orc tribes against them. Again there was a massacre and corpses filled the gorge. The orcs in turn were betrayed by the Turathii and scattered to the hills, at least those who weren’t sold as slaves to the Drow to purchase a more valuable alliance.

The city of Bael Castellus was built by dwarven engineers. It is surrounded by powerful walls, and commands an imposing view over the surrounding landscape. Giant Bats and Wyverns living within the gorge are captured and trained by the Tieflings, granting the city another strategic advantage. The city is also the center of trade between the Turathii empire and their new Drow allies.

Vicarius Actyrion is the current governor of Bael Castellus, but as a high ranking general in the Turathii army, she is frequently away from the city. Instead most of the authority over the day to day functioning of the city is shared between Consularis Morticard, a powerful and old tiefling noble – one of the human elders who betrayed the dwarves years ago, and the mysterious Legatus Zexion, a non-Tiefling arcanist and diplomat from a distant land who brokered the alliance between the Turathii and the Drow. These two figures are in a constant struggle against each other – one which prevents either of them from gaining enough influence within the city to turn their ambition towards the governor’s seat.

After leaving Bael Alkizar due to conflicts with the regent there, Vexen as come to Bael Castellus to form a new gladiatorial team and try his hand again. If it doesn’t go well here, he may abandon the idea altogether.

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